This was our second year at Ringwood School, and it proved to be an extremely successful day for everyone. We used part of the dining room for crafts mainly for ladies this year. The separate classroom for the speakers was extremely popular with standing room only for some demonstrations.

Paul turns balls

Paul Reeves shows how to turn balls in wood

Jim & Marg were with us again this year showing their basket weaving skills
Corn Dollies
General view
a couple of real corn dollies harry beaves - second-hand tool dealer in centre
Ringwood woodcarvers
Ringwood woodcarvings
peter benson style Higgeldy Piggledy houses alongside the equestrian department
another small part of the fantastic ringwood woodcarvers display
Pennys patches
Jon Harcourt
the ladies weren't forgotton this year with penny's patches taking part for the first time
john harcourt with his bows and arrows and jean cosser in the background spinning fibres
The ladies crafts
The quilters "penny's patches" were joined by fran griffiths with her bead jewelery, helen's stained glass and marion howitt with dorset buttons
Tools for delf reliance
Tools for self reliance
the "tools for self reliance" organisation were in attendance for the first time
t.f.s.r. from the Netley marsh headquarters
Tim Dunning
Tim Dunning
our good friend tim dunning, from yeovil, supported us again this year with loads of great timber products
more of tim's shanks from the coppice's he works
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Thanks to:

all those who attended the biggest and best dorset do so far.

also to graeme tuck for liaising with the chippy for the sausage & chips we all ordered

refreshments by dot tuck, jean street and glenys garner with help from others

next year the dorset do will be on saturday 27th september

watch this space for exciting news of the exhibitors already lining up for next year