The Hants & Dorset Stickmakers

British Stickmakers Guild (BSG)

The Ringwood Woodcarvers

Calleva Stick Dressers

Christchurch Woodturners

Mudeford Woodcarvers

Oaklands Woodcarving Club (Southampton)

Gill Thompson's "Wood Workouts"

Walkers Sticks (Charlie Walker BSG Committee)

The Dorset Coppice Group

Ellingham & Ringwood Agricultural Show

Highland Horn Company

Axminster Tool Centre

Yandles - timber, tools and machinery

South Wales Stickmakers

Wessex Woodcraft (Paul Brayshaw)

Prestige Walking Sticks (Commercial Company Ireland) Large selection of walking sticks and canes made in the UK and Ireland. Best prices available for handmade walking sticks.

Moonraker Accessories (Knives)

Lulworth Timber mill (Weldspray)

Tools for Self Reliance (Netley Marsh near Southampton)

Former Glory (Antique Restorers West Moors Ferndown)


The Tree Management Company (Ringwood) Will Jones

John Davis Woodturning Centre.

(Chilbolten Down Farm, near Stockbridge)

Gary Samdalir - Sacret Art Marquetry
The Internet Craft fair
Wonkee Donkee Tools

Wonkee Donkee Trend products (Learning)

Men's Sheds from Poole


The Ringwood Regal (Save our Cinema)


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